Sunday, April 17, 2011

He made me feel like I'm the luckiest girl on earth

Things that you should know.

1. I'm virgin
2. I'm friendly
3. I've lotsa boyfriends rather than girlfriends
4. I've fall for a faker once in facebook
5. I'm never had a serious relationship with any guy
6. I hardly trust guys
7. I'm a very independent lady
8. I'm not interested to have a bf before
9. I'm labeled as a playgirl
10. I'm all rounded person

11. Currently, I'm in love with an army
12. I love the way he make me feel
13. He's a cutie and good in making my heart smile


14. I heard so many negative perceptions bout army
15. Yet, I'm giving a chance to evaluate him by myself
16. I keep on looking at his photos

17. He's a hotstuff and I feel insecure with my rivals
18. He's my Farid Kamil, Aril Peterpan, Brat Pitt..u just name it!
19. I'm in LOVE
20. I'll try to stay strong. Try to not fall for him deeper and deeper.


.milk monster. said...

if you think he a good worth to fall for him.. (-: go get him sis!!!

Murni Ismail said...
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Murni Ismail


Thank you sissy! he's going to be my first!! :D

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