Monday, April 9, 2012

We are one

First thing tht I did, when I woke up that morning, was checking my fb and I got relationship request from this hottie. I was like, "apahal mamat ni, rasa tgugat ker smpi nk publish2 nih?" W/o thinking too much, I just accept it. After a few minutes, something pop-out frm my brain! Today is the day I've been posted to Hosp Terendak doing my practical. And this jerk lalu lalang depan class, buat baik with my patients, and I bumped into him at hosptl staircase. I hardly remember the existence of him in that hospital until a friend of him tried to flirt w me (yeah flirt! askar kan..? :P) I definitely treat everyone nicely (smile, and tidak bburuk sangka), as that what I've been taught in medical school. But this gentleman, tanpa segan silu pakai tight short and sat beside me when I gt into his boss's cubical bed as I was trying to interview his boss for my case write up. 3 days after I left the hospital and went back to Bangi, he rang me. He came to Bangi and we had dinner together. Aint it a criteria of a gentleman?? (takkan la org dh call bgtau dia bdekatan kt situ, takda intention nak ajak kluar kan?? Masa tu, cehh..dgn baju celoreng dia, lipat2 baju ala2 masa makan, sipu2 malu!) Hahaha! And from there, we gt to knw each other, everything jumbled-up! Everything. My feeling, my thinking, my study, my life n etc. But, it doesnt mean tht Im a girl who easily fall in love okkay!

If you ask me why I like him?
My answer is his look fulfill my criteria; Berwajah miang.

If you ask me why I love him? *he asked me this question already*
I dont have the answer.

So, I packing2 barang and made a visit to his training place just for this simple celebration. Eating nasi goreng at the parking lot, and also 2 slices of cheese cake dan diterangi cahaya bulan (gmbr bulan xsnap pula)

Living with what u have instead of planning and expecting too much bcoz we barely know what's gonna be happened in future.

May this simple celebration (yet meaningful to me) would inspire u, to be a greatman in future, love!
p/s: he's my first! Hopefully, I'll be his last! Tp xmgkinla kan..korg nmpk dia miang kan, kan?! Ok, dont expect too much, people! :P 

With his bestfriend, Ainal Izzati :)

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Ainal Izzati said...

bulatnye muke i.haha

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