Monday, July 27, 2009


From Sunday to Monday, I spent my valuable time with my great friends in Seremban. We did a lot of activities in Villa Isfarina..Thanks a lot to, auntie, uncle, mak cik, Farhana's siblings and paling penting Farhana!! She had putting a lot of efforts to make sure this program going smoothly. As all of us will start the new semester on 10th August, activities like these, will become the best memory as we'll go through a bit messy, pack, and hectic life.

-Sunday night, after BBQ session..-

We slept quite late on that day..around 2am. On Monday, all of us moved to Ulu Bendul..Mandi lagi?! Yup..mandi lagi..Disebabkan semua pun tido lambat the nite before, non of us would like to take bath before going there..Hahaha..The most funny part is Aishah dah siap2 wearing her bikini..All da way from Farhana's house kena gelak..Nasib la Aishah, jadi bahan gelak..There have a lot of pics, but I won't upload here due to a degree of courtesy~

Around 3pm, me, Biha and Tim make a move..Coz i have tutoring session at 4pm..Thanks babe..U all made my day

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