Saturday, August 8, 2009


A good photographer must have a good vision. A pair of eyes in healthy condition. To ensure the photo that u shoot, perfect! Life! Especially for candid photos. Look the part that I mentioned above~ Mata.Hidung.Mulut. I'm never realize that mulut senget, hidung senget dan kening cantek terangkat (I'll miss my eyebrow w/o scar) are belong to Murni..Thanks to Toyol Rock, yang menyedarkan semua itu. He gimme this idea of entry.
-the latest version of senget-

p/s: my sis gimme an idea. "ape kate, ambik pisau, toreh kening tu lg..jadikan 'Z' for zorro"


syafique said...

huhu gambar gue pun ade.. gambo lame tuh...hik2

Putri Murni said...

gambar dan nama tu, syafiq! lelong..lelong..sape mahu beli kawan baikku ini..hehehe

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