Sunday, December 20, 2009


My sister and I went to IKEA and The Curve on Saturday, and u know what? We had a blast day! Eventhough it's not a long outing, but the satisfaction is there. Enjoyed so much! Mungkin dah lama kita tak macam ni kan? Since u r married..and we enjoyed taking pictures here and there.wohooooo..but we only used phone cam..The best part was when the snow falling down..Hahaha..The Curve ada snow? And, bayangkan, kami dua beradik, berlari-lari, semata-mata nak ambik gambar. Funny aite? Biler sedar ttg ke'obsess'an kami terhadap snow, we laugh-out-loud  in crowds..weee~ Luv u sista!

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