Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sibuk Pun Masih Sempat Menyibuk

Ok, sekarang ni kita sangat sibuk untuk mentelaah pelajaran. Oh..gitewwwwww!!
Makanya, ceritanya harus pendek. Biarkan lukisan menceritakan segalanya.

Nak tahu tak?! Tiba-tiba je Murni Ismail menjadi seorang yang sangat unpredictable. Oh gitewww lagii!
Tiba-tiba je rajin gilerr buat surprise itu dan ini..Ok..ok..cukup! Kate tadi nak pendek. Tak bisa basa basi lagi! Kita kotakan janji, supaya cantik peribadinya seperti mahkota :D *merepek ape aku ni weyhh*

Eventhough I'm quite busy lately, I still managed to celebrate and remind my hottie girls that they're part of my life. Thanks to Keyon Genji, Apis and Dyana for making Fara's Birthday Celebration as good as what I expected. Apparently, Keyon, Apis and Dyana were actually kinda best-buddies-to-hang-with! I really had fun hang out with u guys! We were celebrating Fara's at Gardens in Sunway Pyramid. The staffs were very supportive, and they just making this celebration become so eventful with more joyful and more pleasant by singing the song while playing the piano.

Tengok! Fara nangis :D


Introducing the yummilicious durian pancake to them!

And another celebration is for Anzalna Nasir. Actually, I've planned to celebrate her birthday on Saturday and having BBQ-pool-party, but then, she didnt come back to KL on that night. So, I have to postpone to Tuesday which I cant do a proper celebration for her. This is what you've to think about, if you're planning a surprise birthday bash for your best buddy! Must have plan B and plan C. Nasib hang la Anna! I only managed to invite Fara since she's on her way back from a photoshoot at Karangkraf.

Afifah, Fred, Fara, Felsharn and Fernarsh

A portrait from me

DJ Uno pun join :)

See babes!! I'm never gonna forget u! Wish u have prosperity in adversity, health, happiness and wealth. 

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