Monday, June 15, 2009


No! No! I can't believe it! No!! What the hell with my brain today? Should i put a gun on my head and let the brain split into pieces or what? Astaghfirullah al-adzim.. Today exam wasn't goes smoothly like the first day. Arghh..geram! This is the important exam-lahh!! Last night I had discuss with my fellow the same topic, boleh terlupa pulak nama structure jantung tu..Wahailah cik Murni, kahwin je la kau! Your place maybe in the kitchen. The structure is fossa ovale, but I could remember ovale only. Lepas tu, pergi hentam letak, 'membrane ovale'. Next question, this structure is remnant of ......? I can't remember this structure jugakk!! The answer is foramen ovale. And complication to this structure defect will lead to .......? I just remember 'atrium' jer!! And the answer is atrium septum defect. Ya Rabbi, apahal-lah si bodoh (diriku sendiri) ni buat??

This is the questions that I can't remember. The question yang tak tahu langsung are not take into account lagi! Haih la OSPE..this paper contribute 15% . Nasib baiklah SAQ on last Friday dapat jawab which is contribute 25%. Tomorrow will be MCQ 25% and Wednesday OSCE 35%.
Whatever it is, I hv to focus on the coming papers.

p/s: To all of my followers, please pray for my success k. Gracias mucho! Muaxhh.. :X

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machevallie said...

Byk makan semut kot. tak pun time discuss byk gosip nih..

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