Saturday, December 25, 2010

A good friend

I hardly remember friend's birthday even for my best friends
Because I believe that friend won't give me profits
Mom always told me, "Be friend with anyone you like, but don't make them a priority in your life"
Mom's advice is always the best. Thanks mummy!
I've never had problem with my friends by holding onto ur words.

Ohh..ok..I would like to tell ya bout my girlfriend
She used to be my cousin's girlfriend
We got to know each other, since..
Uh, see! I cant remember!
I think our friendship has been a year
On 19th Dec, she celebrates her 20th birthday (I'm not sure actually.. :P)
Luckily, I didn't forget to wish her happy birthday. Facebook did a very good job yaw ;)
Actually, I really bad in memorizing dates
I really hope, people who I care about won't make negative assumptions whenever I don't wish them
I've my own way to appreciate u guys

Happy birthday Fara Kareem Chin. Your heart is as white as snow. That's all I can say about u. I love u gurl!

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