Thursday, January 21, 2010


I just deactivate my FB account
Spent too much time facing lappy for fb
I got so many controversial from it
I got so many shits, so many heart-discomfort, become so emotional and etc..
And my friend requests increasing day by day [72 request so far]
I dont even know them
Maybe my blog readers
I guess!

I'm hurted
Its too much to take
Damn-fucking hurt
Keep on open his page
Look at the comments
and its driving me insane
And today, I've decided to deactivate my account

I need time to forget him, to let him go
I really hope that I can be a good friend of him
without any hidden intention

Never thought that he is so powerful
He made me stop from FB-ing
Create a wall between me and my friends

If u read this, please do not contact me. I plead u, Angel.
I'll come and find u back whenever I'm sure I can be a good fren
Not to runaway from u, but to fit myself just like a friend
And please, do not feel sorry bout this

I'm praying for ur happiness since the day we got to know each other.

-See u again Kent@Angel@AppleCrumble@Eykal@Lullaby-


Ninie Fairuz said...

hope you will be strong dear..

without FB doesnt mean its d end of your life..

by rite you shudnt stop FBing at all..just ignore who you shud ignore dear..

take a very good care of yourself sis..

Murni Ismail said...

tqvm sis! luv u mucho xxxx

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