Monday, April 12, 2010

I need a vacation!

Urmm..currently, that's the thing I want the most
For certain reasons, I need a vacation
My life should be painted with a wonderful holiday
This is the so-called craving! Haha..pity eh..
For me, vacation is a foundation to boost up our spirit
especially those who are handling troubles in their daily life
How about unaffordable people?
Use your power of observation to learn about LIFE from this 'Subline Community'
They have endured roller-coaster, up and down, thick and thin, and even rock-built fortress
They owned a very unique way to solve problems
That made them stronger!
I hope I didn't give you a desultory remark.

Hanyalah kata - kata semangat kepada diri sendiri supaya tak perlu nak pergi luar negara untuk benda yang remeh - remeh, rapu -rapu dengan duit ribu riban. Nak guna duit mak ayah, untuk kepuasan dan kegembiraan sendiri. Beli blackberry dengan duit abang. Nak yang BOLD je pula tuh. Heih, sungguh tak malu. ..Jadi, mari melancong dalam video sahaja.. :P

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