Monday, November 29, 2010

Nuffnang's contests

I've been missed so many contests offered by Nuffnang
Being a 'white-coat' student, you don't really have much time to sit in front of your lappy and write a blog post according to the title given.
I used to do that before, but its just for a very short period.

I noticed some of my blogger friends didn't missed those contest, for example, The Beautiful Blogger, Hanis Zalikha
Some of them, managed to win the contest and gt valuable prizes
For example, Digi  rewarded an iPhone 3Gs to Best Dressed blogger and The Best Post-Event Blog Post in a party (Pimp My Music)
Hopefully, DiGi would organize another party for the launching of iPhone4, and who knows, I may become a winner ;)

The latest contest recommended by Nuffnang is Jipaban
I'm quite annoyed with the word 'Jipaban' at first and I was like "What the hell is everyone showing their Japan vocabulary..?"
Only then, I know..Jipaban is a shopping mall based on the cyberworld
As a college girl, shopping is the best thing to do
And of course, I would spend my weekends facing the lappy ;)

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