Monday, November 16, 2009

He's for real?

This feeling was awesome!
Is it possible to have this feeling till the end of my life?
Such a quintessential day..
Yeah, I really hope so..

one thing that keep disturbing me, everyday..
Will he understand me?
Don't bother what people say! ;)

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Ayu said...

U had one, now? Are you sure Murni? The first one rite? Unbelievable! I remember when we had a session about 'love'. You've said that "kenapa I tak ada perasaan kat lelaki? I lesbian ke Ayu? Jom lah kita kawin camtu!!" U funny..dari dulu sampai sekarang, asik buat orang tersenyum..Anyway, semoga berkekalan. Sayang u! Lama kan, kita tak jumpa..Balik Melaka tu, bagitau la, sayang..

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