Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Odour

Weeee~ I had new body odour..Smells good and freshing~

Miss J.Lo, Mr Salvator Ferragamore and Mr Loccitane jgn jeless..
I'm not goin to touch u for a moment..
I have a new 'gurlfren', she is sooo sexy and juicy. Miss Victoria..Huhuhu..
I bought 3 bottles of Victoria's Secret body mist
Suka sangat! Suka sangat!
I found her in The Curve ;P

Haish..bestnyer..Sampai je rumah, terus mandi, and spray body mist..nyummy~ Fresh and sweet. Hari ni, tido dengan body mist baruu..Esok pagi, bangun tak masam lagi..Yerkss!

Ouh, 'gf' baru ku ajak tidoww..
She seduce me to get into comforter. Yahoo!!
Ok, nak tido. Bye!
Selamat malam makhluk Tuhan!

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