Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I hate myself!

That's true..I hate my self when all these things happened:-

1) Listened to 'Semua untuk Cinta' everyday

2) Bought a bottle of 'Twister' as a substitution to my favourite drink 'Green Tea Lipton', even though the taste is differ

3) Tried white coffee, even though I don't drink coffee

4) Keep looking at his photos

5) Keep thinking of him

6) When I saw people warded for tonsillectomy, heart problem, and hypertension, I'll always spend more time chit-chating with them and tell them that I have a 'friend' having those problem but in a modified story, so that my man look macho!

7) Keep looking at my phone, hoping 'Eykal' will call/text me ;) Goshh!

What had happened actually..? He is so powerful? I think "what goes around comes around", God sent him for this karma. OMG..Strong please!!

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